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Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
, the tennessee valley and that is the next few days and some highs into the middle to low 50s with the exception of the northeastern counties and the potential to the north and eat, that you could be stuck in the 40 asif they keep the cold air in place. at lost we're in the mid-50s and some limited amounts of sunshine. into wednesday, believe it or not, there is a chance, showers and some thunderstorms because of the warm air that is coming in. the high wins and we could have a couple of thunderstorms late into the afternoon and evening. look at the tomorrow. we're going conservative here at 65 degrees and key think -- we think there is going to beshosome showers and this is spotty here and to the south and east. some spotty showers there and from is nothing for the district and mainly, the light shower and some cloudy skies, fog thick in places tonight and hold on to the spotty shower in the forecast. 38 and we stay above freezeing and that is important. forty degrees and meteorologistly cloudy at lunch mostly cloudy at lunch tomb and that is the trend the next few days. the limited sunshine an
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm EST
into the deep south and into the tennessee valley and a possibility of tornados maybe later on and that is coming through st. louis and we're going to have a threat of thunderstorms as well and tonight, a few foggy spots and that is not too bad. the spotty showers tomorrow morning and some limited sunshine at noon and some showers and thunderstorms and in d.c., the wind is being the primary threat from those storms and once the showers move in, we can have some pockets of heavy rain and gusty wind tomorrow evening. and we'll keep an eye on that and 68 tomorrow and with that 46 on thursday and maybe some snow on friday early and know there of degrees there and on to saturday is ground hog day. >> this is making people sick. >> and that is everyone else who is sick, too. >> and open the windows. let the nice air come in and clear out the house of germs. >>> and they begin with a franchise record 12 straight housees and one rookie who fought through the growing pains is a big reason for the success and murph is back. >> reporter: that is a lot to ask of a 19-year-old playing in
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
pounding tennessee where a tornado and flash flood warnings were issued. the storm system knocking down trees and severely damaging buildings. >> and our officers responded to the scene where the most damage was reported and found a three-story building. the third store was gone. people were inside and everyone got out safely. in addition, there was an 18- wheeler that flipped. >> reporter: thousands are without power and at least one death is being reported in nashville result of the storm. residents in missouri already dealing with some severe weather on tuesday. emergency workers cleaning up the mess that the storm left behind. >> and that got windy fast and hard and we out here cleaning up trees. >> reporter: emergency management officials in mississippi are telling residents to watch for thunderstorms throughout the day and portions after unseasonably high temperatures on monday. >> and the country is in the longest streak since record keeping began in 1950. the last death caused by a twister was on june 24th in florida, more than 220 days ago. in new york,an anacoyman, fox news. >
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3